Kew Gardens White at Château de l’Angleterre
Image courtesy of K. King



Our Vintage Wall Murals can be scaled to fit your wall dimensions. Contact the Studio to discuss your requirements. Once we have your wall dimensions and your design preference, we will generate a free of charge mock up of the best layout for your space and an estimate.

Original and Bespoke Concept Design:
The Studio will convert your original concept into a beautiful and unique wallpaper.
We work closely with you to achieve exactly the result you are looking for.

Interior Designers:
We can help to source or create wallpapers for projects.
Free estimate and consultation.

Sampling Service / Custom Colour:
For custom colourways there is a £25 charge for us to create a proof sample.
You can customize any of our designs to suit your colour palette, all we need is a swatch sample to match to.

Please CONTACT THE STUDIO to discuss your requirements. Estimates, consultation and initial layout proposals are free of charge.